It seems that in the pastime, the already proven motifs are the best. In cinema, we are dealing with reboots, remakes or new parts of the series already. In the case of games, the situation is similar. Last year’s popular creatures were reminiscent of a wider audience with Pokemon GO. Will Tamagotchi be similar? We will see this after the upcoming launch of the game My Tamagotchi Forever next year.

Recalling a brand that was once famous is almost a guarantee of success. A small advertising campaign can catch the attention of the media, which in turn will no longer be interested in the new title wider audience. Bandai Namco is known primarily for console games, but it has also been successful in the mobile gaming market. Therefore, My Tamagotchi Forever can count on the popularity of Pokemon GO. The game will be available for free on Android and iOS devices. If the studio properly balances the micropayment system, as Niantic Labs did, the popularity of the 90s Tamagotchi will translate into the financial success of the new game.

The Tamagotchi Forever will appear on the market next year.

The player’s task will obviously be to educate a creature that will have to feed, wash, clean him, put him to sleep and make sure he is healthy and happy. The producer will also produce a series of mini games and the town of Tamatown. The game will also have a system of friends, but it is not yet known what the interaction will be with other players. Tamagotchi will evolve, changing its type, which will depend on how the player deals with his / her charge. The Tamagotchi Forever will also have a social motif. Bandai Studio will allow us to take photos of our work. Players will also be able to compare their Tamagotchi with their friends’ mates. During mini games we will earn coins and experience points. For the currency available in the game you will be able to unlock new types of food, costumes and items that decorate Tamatown. It is quite possible that the game will be facilitated by a micropayment system. The producer has not mentioned anything about the presumed AR mode. But in the trailer you can see how the mother and daughter interact with Tamagotchi present in the real world.

Source: My Tamagotchi Forever, CNet

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