The G2A website has several controversies. This time, the players did not like the controversial provision in the regulations, which concerns payment for… not using the account.

G2A tempts players to acquire a digital version of games at attractive prices. Good reviews about sellers and affordable prices make users willingly use this way of buying games. The proprietary payment system called G2A Pay is not only convenient but also free. Well, almost free. One of the users received information that 1 EUR will disappear from his virtual wallet. Why? The reason is the fee for not logging into the system for at least 180 days.

G2A inactive

Why does G2A require a payment for not using the account?

Website owners have prepared an answer in which they explain why they require payments for not using the platform. G2A explains that the fee is charged to cover the costs associated with maintaining servers and the rest of the IT infrastructure. The company believes that it makes no sense to keep accounts that are not used anyway. Therefore, users are asked to log in at least once every 180 days.

G2A charges the first 1 EUR after 180 days of inactivity. If the user does not log in, then another 1 EUR disappears from the virtual wallet every month. The fee is charged only to users who have any funds accumulated in the G2A wallet. Fortunately, the company does not charge users’ credit cards or PayPal accounts in this way. If someone does not use their account and does not have any funds on it, it will be deactivated.

Source: Reddit

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