Super Mario Run is a great success. This exclusively for the Apple devices brought a lot of benefits for Nintendo. It seems to me that the release of such title on a hermetically sealed IT environment, which is iOS, is a very safe move. In addition, Nintendo benefited from effective marketing on devices with bitten apple. Users of Android smartphones must yet overcome the taste, and wait as we know, whets the appetite. Unfortunately, hackers are always able to use such a situation.

Although Nintendo has never hidden the fact of temporary exclusive of Super Mario Run for Apple devices. People are looking for the Android version. On the downside Nintendo did not provide the exact date for the release, it is known only that the new production with the mustachioed plumber will come for the most popular mobile platform in the coming year. This game is already visible in the Google Play Store, but you can not download it.

Super Mario Run Android

You can find in the network APK files alleged to be a beta version of Super Mario Run.

But this is a malware, which you should not install on your smartphone for any treasure. We had similar situation in the case of Pokemon GO, when the game was initially available only in selected countries. However, it was possible to download the official APK file from known sites with mirror files (e.g. APKMirror). Unfortunately, it did not stop hackers from release to the world their version of Pokemon GO with the additional “bonus”. If you are interested in playing Super Mario Run, then you should register in the Play Store and wait for the official notification.

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