Blizzard this year and tried to do something to celebrate 20th of Diablo series and prepared for their games extras mentions to this event. We will find many references to Diablo, but very often it will be symbolical changes. In many cases, we get Diablo portraits, but games such as Heroes of the Storm got their own add-ons, and they are quite big.
Specials for Heroes of the Storm are great.

This game with the event under the logo of Diablo, like other Blizzard games, also get their surprises. Thanks to Blizzard, we can grab a special prepared Diablo portrait! Oh, that little surprise. They introduced a special new map. It is fully dynamic and accessible in Heroic fight mode. Other games, which get their updates on Diablo anniversary event are Overwatch and Hearthstone. In the case of this first, they combined fight for the fate of the Shrine of the battle for the future of humanity. Blizzard also added a portrait of Diablo and patterns of graffiti depicting favourite character classes of Diablo III. In the case of Heartstone we get a new character. It is a mysterious wanderer, which you will find in a Pub brawl. He squeezes his hand in a worn deck of cards. Our task will be to find out who he is and what he is hiding. News didn’t avoid classics Blizzard games like Starcraft or World of Warcraft. In StarCraft II also appears Diablo. We will see him as a working labourer. In the case of playing WoW, its universe introduced characters, which we know from Lord of Terror series.

It turns out, however, that the fans are not as comforted as it seems.

On the Internet we can find many unfavourable comments, that tells Blizzard did nothing but portraits. Maybe this is a truth and add-ons are not so brilliant. However, I try to be comforted by the fact that probably the team working hard on the next part and they did not have time for more event items. In the end, some time ago they hired developers and testers to a new project. We all hope that it will be either in addition to the third part, or the fourth series which fans expect. Anyway, it will be fine. Tristram fans will be very satisfied from first or this second option anyway.

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