Are you going to visit Rio 2016 Olympics? These offers are very interesting for all travelers. T-Mobile has prepared special promotion for postpaid customers who will travel during the holidays. This offer includes also special bonus for Brazil visitors because of upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics which will take place in Rio.

AT&T is the main competitor of T-Mobile, so “Pink Team” has prepared the best vacation roaming offer.

Last month, AT&T has prepared an offer for Rio 2016 visitors. They offer 1 GB of roaming data, 30 minutes of calls inside Brazil and from Brazil to any other country, as well unlimited texting. You will get also access to more than 1 000 WiFi hotspots in Brazil with unlimited data transfer. This whole roaming package will be valid 30 days and it costs $50.

However, T-Mobile’s offer is much better.

T-Mobile offers unlimited data and texting in over 140 countries. Also, you can use fast 4G LTE network when you will visit one of over 40 European countries. However, if you visit Brazil, then you will be able to use your mobile the same as if you were at home. It means that you have your unlimited 4G LTE data, calls and texting packages and you do not have to pay anything extra. You do not believe? Let’s listen to what he has to say T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

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