Acquisitions of companies always arouse great interest. Not all these operations are beneficial for buyers. For an example, Microsoft have bought Nokia’s mobile department and it did not end well. However, big corporations like to buy small companies with great potential. At the moment, Apple is negotiating the acquisition of TIDAL.

TIDAL is very popular in many countries. Also, people are aware that artists earn money from legal services and thanks to this, they can create more. The TIDAL is similar service to the Spotify, i.e. you pay monthly subscription for the access to whole library. However, TIDAL has also exclusive content and it is owned by Jay-Z. Therefore, he understands the reality of musical artists and knows the market.

TIDAL is young service. It was released in October 2014 and Jay-Z bought this a year ago.

The service is co-owned by several music stars, among others Rihanna, Beyoncé, Prince and Kanye West. Their music is the exclusive content of TIDAL (you will not find these songs on Spotify) and this is the biggest advantage of this service. Apple has its own service, but people simply do not use this. The TIDAL was bought for 56 million dollars and it has 4.2 million subscribers. However, it is difficult to estimate how much the company is worth today. However, it should not be too big expense for Apple. They simply prefer to buy the competition than to fight with them.

This information has not been confirmed officially. It may be that the Tidal will be bought someone else. Maybe it will be a Spotify?

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