There is a lot of rumors (i.e. reports) about upcoming new Apple smartphones. Several companies already receive prototype versions of new Apple smartphones for testing purposes.

German service has found an information than new 4.7-inches Apple smartphone model is named as iPhone 6SE, no iPhone 7. According to this information, this name is labeled on the box of device with will be launched on the market this year. This is very surprising, because the latest Apple smartphone (i.e. iPhone SE) has a specification very similar to iPhone 6s.

It is also probably that 5.5-inches model will be called iPhone 6SE Plus.

This is very interesting why Apple has decided to change the name from iPhone 7 to iPhone 6SE. However, according to all currently available reports and rumors, the next Apple smartphone will be very similar to iPhone 6s model. Maybe Apple does not want to confuse customers and they keep iPhone 7 name for the next generation mobile with innovative features. iPhone 6SE and 6SE smartphones will be released on the market on September 16th this year. Therefore, the real iPhone 7 should be available in 2017. I hope that Apple company is working on something revolutionary, because I would like to replace my iPhone 5s.

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