Apple has several problems to solve that have been discovered by users of new iPhones. First, we learned that the iPhone XS and XS Max have a problem with antennas and the reception of weak LTE and Wi-Fi signals. Now it turns out that some devices have a charging problem. It may happen that the iPhone XS and XS Max in the sleep mode will not recognize the charger connected by the user and will not start the charging process.

For some time now I have been assuming that there is nothing to rush to buy electronic devices as soon as they are released. It is better to wait a few days or weeks and calmly look at the opinions appearing on the web. It seems to me that people, who have done this, have already lost the desire to buy a new iPhone. iPhone XS and XS Max suffer from two very severe nuisances. The first one is connected with the affair around new antennas, which make LTE and Wi-Fi networks run much slower than on older iPhones. So far, Apple has not responded to these reports. It is quite possible that simple solutions in the form of firmware updates or the creation of a case are not enough here. The second problem concerns the charging of sleeping (i.e. with locked screen) iPhones.

The problem of charging the iPhone XS and XS Max may be solved by the firmware update

Experts point out that the new antenna scandal may be related to Apple’s choice of antennas with too low gain. Therefore, the solution to this problem may require running an exchange program for problematic iPhones. However, the charging related issue may be caused by a programming error in the firmware. This is manifested in the fact that some of new iPhones do not recognize chargers plugged in when the smartphone has turned off the screen. The overcome of this problem is to tap the screen twice or to press the power button. Then the affected iPhone detect the connected charger and start the charging process. It is quite possible that someone from Apple is already working to solve this problem. We should learn more about this issue when Cupertino engineers will recreate the problem and prepare the appropriate patch.

Source: Apple support

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