Everyone laughed at Apple for the “budget” iPhone XR. After all, who would like to buy so expensive “budget” smartphone? It turns out that the iPhone XR is currently the most-bought smartphone with the logo of a bitten apple.

Apple no longer publishes information on the sales results of individual smartphones. Therefore, we can only count on reports prepared by analytical companies with estimated values. Data collected by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners show that the iPhone XR was responsible in November for the sale of 32% of Apple smartphones in the United States. In turn, the iPhone XS and XS Max accounted total for 35%.

Apple customers are largely guided by the price of new iPhones

Apple made a good move by presenting a cheaper iPhone. Top products like the iPhone XS/XS Max appeared in stores earlier than the cheaper iPhone XR. It was a very good move. Fans of the brand, who were already looking to buy a new iPhone, bought a more expensive model. However, users who wanted to switch from Android to the Apple ecosystem were tempted by a cheaper variant. All this made that sell results of the iPhone XR one month after its premiere are much better than last year sell results of iPhone X for the corresponding period.

However, nothing will beat the sales results of the iPhone 7. It was a hit in 2016. Could it be the lack of a mini-jack connector that caused the iPhone 7 to choose in August 2016 almost every second Apple client? It is also puzzling that every year gently drops interest in new iPhone models. Perhaps more and more people see the lack of revolutionary solutions and are waiting for the price reduction of older models.

Source: CIRP

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