The Russian company CAVIAR specializes in converting casings of popular smartphones, which in this way are to gain on uniqueness. Editions with golden portraits of leaders of large countries are very popular. Therefore, nobody should be surprised that the CAVIAR company decided to celebrate the victory of Vladimir Putin in the last presidential election. This is the opportunity to present the iPhone X in the Leaders Putin Golden Age version.

The Russians believe that looking just like smartphones are simply boring. That’s why CAVIAR modifies their enclosures in such a way that every customer can feel special. These phones already know the whole world. The Russian company gained worldwide fame after preparing Nokia 3310 a year ago with the likeness of Vladimir Putin, which was valued at the equivalent of 1 450 GBP. Whereas the iPhone X in the 64 GB version costs 269 thousand rubles, that is 3 360 GBP. Whereas the 256 GB version is already an expenditure of 284 thousand rubles (about 3 550 GBP). Such a high price results from the back of the case made of 24-carat gold. Additional uniqueness is due to the fact that the iPhone X Leaders Putin Golden Age will be produced in only 74 copies. Vladimir Putin has just gained 74% of votes during the last presidential election.

The CAVIAR company also offers other models of the iPhone X with the likeness of the Russian leader.

If someone does not get a new edition, they can always try to buy another model of the iPhone X. Leaders versions Putin Black Alligatore, Leaders Putin Titanium or Putin Team look a little less impressive, but they are still exceptional and cost a lot. Patriots who have already bought an ordinary smartphone can opt to buy a special case that costs from 29,000 rubles (365 GBP) to 39 thousand rubles (490 GBP).

Source: CAVIAR

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