New technological solutions quite often suffer from childhood problems. Therefore, many people prefer to buy products that have already been tested by other users. This year, the undisputed champion for the number of display problems was undoubtedly the Google Pixel 2 XL. However, it turns out that Apple also has a problem with its new OLED screens, which debuted with the iPhone X.

Apple assumes that their products are not technologically backward, as Cupertino engineers decide to introduce a new solution only when it is refined. That’s why the OLED display was introduced only in iPhone X. Apple did not do anything about the fact that its competitors have been using this technology for a long time. Unfortunately, it turns out that the iPhone X also has its problems and some of them are just related to the display.

Some users complain about the green line going through the entire screen of the iPhone X.

iPhone X green line

This is a rather interesting case, as it occurs in different variants. An irritating green line can occur both on the left and right sides of the display. However, it always runs vertically from the beginning to the end of the screen. The cause of the problem is not known. One of the hypotheses mentions a possible electrical fault that causes uncontrolled powering of the whole line of green subpixels.

Another problem is the inactive touch at low temperature.

Winter is coming. This means that iPhone owners may have trouble using their new smartphone at home. It turns out that the new Apple flagship mobile is suffering from a failure to touch the touch panel at around 0 °C. Fortunately, this solution does not require hardware replacement. Apple already knows about the whole situation and has announced that this bug will be fixed soon in the upcoming software update. This is not the first issue of the Cupertino team related to low temperatures. Earlier, the iPhone 6 had a problem with spontaneous shutdown due to the sudden discharging of the battery at low ambient temperature.

Source: MacRumors

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