This is very interesting story. Modern smartphones have very advanced cameras, so people are taking photos everywhere. To be honest, nowadays everyone has a better camera in the pocket than the several years old compact camera. However, sometimes our photographic mania may end tragically for our mobile. Jennine Buck had good lesson to learn when she was taking photos by her iPhone from a plane.

She was very delighted with views of beautiful park (Stanley Park, Vancouver) when she was flying in a small Cessna plane at about 2 500 feet. She wanted to capture these beautiful views using her lucky iPhone 5s. However, she did not expect that the strong wind will grab the iPhone from her hand. Jennine Buck only saw her beloved smartphone landed in the crown of trees. It gave her hope that, thanks to as a soft landing, will be something to collect.

Several hours after dropping, Jennine Buck had landed and the used a friend’s mobile and Find My iPhone app to locate her iPhone 5s. She was very surprised that the found device is fully functional with only minor scratches. However, the screen was not broken. You can check the photo of survived iPhone. Therefore, she decided to change the ringtone to the classic Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive. However, in my opinion, R. Kelly – I Believe I Can Fly would be much better choice.

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