It has been Microsoft and Apple do not burn with each other a lot of love. It all started when, as Gates tricked Steve Jobs.

Despite the fact that one of the men is no longer with us, this war Apple – Microsoft continues. This time the company from Redmond has decided dowalić fellow new ad of its hybrid tablet Surface Pro.

Microsoft is not the first time makes fun of Apple products, but the truth is that it is more jealousy.

We must also admit that the Surface Pro is probably the only thing that came out Microsoft well. As Windows runs – we all know, the Lumia is a good joke. Despite this, Microsoft believes that success in the line of Surface gives them the right to comment and evaluate similar competitive products. Ot such a complex God! This time the company came out with the assumption that adding a keyboard Smart Keyboard Pro to the new iPad does not make him a computer at their Surface,a. The ad is presented simulation, which presents the possibility of Surface compared to the activated Siri on the iPad. I would start first by saying that comparing the iPad with Surface Pro is totally not justified idea. Of course, the iPad is already classified as a computer. That’s what Microsoft points out the company Apple, is the lack of an Intel i7 and popular Office. In addition, Microsoft is confident that their Cortana is a much better tool and says nicer voice of Siri.

The sad thing is that Microsoft has to resort to attacks on competition and is in a pathetic way to sell their equipment. Comparing their products from Apple, Surface misses an opportunity to become a unique product on the market.

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