After the recent recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, I thought that the end of the year will be quiet and we will not hear any information about defective equipment. Unfortunately – the truth is very sadLet’s check if you c and I was wrong, because recently Apple has announced that the batteries in some of iPhone 6S have to be replaced. It would not be probably nothing surprising in this, because the hardware happens to be defective, however this smartphone is on the market for some time, so it is strange that Apple has not disclosed that until now.

Generally, Apple products have very good opinion when it comes to the quality. Therefore, I am very surprised that iPhone 6S proven to be defective. Your equipment needs attention, if it acts strange. It turns out, that a lot of iPhone 6S owners have experienced uncontrolled device’s shutdowns. In this case, you have to contact with Apple service and they will replace the battery.

Apple announced that the vulnerability affects iPhone 6S mobiles manufactured between September 2015 and October 2015.

I must admit that some time has passed since these devices have been released on the market. Interestingly, it turns out that this is very difficult topic for Apple from PR point of view, because you can find information in the network that this vulnerability also applies to models produced after the date declared by Apple. Additionally, the company believes that the problem minor. In total, they have a point, because unexpected turning off smartphone is still better than spontaneous combustion of the device. Apple declares that they will repair every affected iPhone 6S for free. Remember, however, that for this to happen, your device must be free of any other type of faults or the effects of external factors, such as damaged screen.

I also have a curiosity for those who have already fixed the problem on their own. It turns out that you can apply for reimbursement of the cost of repairs from Apple, but repairs had to be carried out in the Apple authorized service.

Source: Apple

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