Before you fall in panic and begin to throw away your all chargers, I recommend you to become familiar with the details of the report. The truth is that the organization that protects the rights of consumers in the UK bought 400 counterfeit chargers for Apple devices, and 397 of them did not pass basic safety tests. Therefore, media has started to write about 99% of non-original chargers which can burn our houses.

Sorry, but hardly anyone took the trouble to see how the experiment was conducted. Of course, this is great idea to examine chargers available on the market. Most of the damage to the phone, which occur during charging, is caused by the non-original accessories. Most often it is just the charger or the battery, and sometimes even the USB cable.

The test covered uncertified devices sold as a charger for the iPhone smatphones.

The so-called original chargers dedicated for Apple devices have the UL certificate. It means that the device has passed a series of safety tests. This is a requirement set for the electronic equipment sold in North America. However, this does not mean that the problem affects all chargers sold outside iSpot stores. As an experiment, 400 chargers without the UL certification were purchased. Devices come from 8 different countries, including the United States, Canada, Colombia, China, Thailand and Australia. Unfortunately, the other two countries were not mentioned in the report. Then purchased chargers have been tested at the Canadian department of UL. It turned out that most of non-certified chargers (99% to be precisely) were not resistant to overvoltage and does not provide the safe isolation level. In extreme cases, this can lead to electric shock. It turned out that the problem is caused by the electrical design of low-cost accessories.

Relax, Samsung charger is suitable for iPhone smartphones.

You have to only check that your charger has the UL certificate. It is very important to check, because in London up to 27% of chargers offered by second-hand stores with electronic equipment does not have the proper certification. A lot of products imported from China (e.g. via AliExpress) has a CE mark indicating China Export. This has nothing to do with the CE mark (Conformité Européenne), which is required by the European Union. If you buy in large electronics store, then you should not worry about this. The problem may occur if you decide to save some money and buy a cheaper charger on online auction. However, I have friends who order such equipment from AliExpress. I do not condemn them, but in such cases you have to be careful and buy only from trusted suppliers. In my opinion it is not worth saving on counterfeit charger, which can damage our precious smartphone.

Source: Chartered Trading Standards Institute, Underwriters Laboratories

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