Apple has a rule that some time after the release of new smartphone, they renew this model and add a letter S to the name. This year, Apple released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. I personally think that the only iPhone 7 Plus is worth something, because the iPhone 7 practically does not differ from the last year iPhone 6S. However, it turns out that the iPhone 7 Plus is too large for many users. I think that people will love new design of iPhone 8. It is quite probably that Apple will skip the launch of the iPhone 7S in the next year. They will replace it immediately by the revolutionary iPhone 8. I am really pleased by the information that Apple is going to increase the size of the new iPhone, but without enlargement of its dimensions. How is it possible?

New Apple smartphones will probably have 5-inches and 5.8-inches screens.

I have to admit that these are large-scale models and if they were designed in such a design, as now, I would have a problem with work on them. I do not like large mobiles. Fortunately, it appears that Apple has an idea how to increase the screen size without increasing the dimensions of the smartphone. iPhone 8 will probably have very high screen to body ratio.

It is also speculated for the moment that the iPhone 8 Plus will have the OLED screen. The smaller model will be equipped with the LCD display. This is not the end of the fair, but Plus models always receive much more than the smaller variants. It is a pity that the screen will suffer, because this is very important aspect of new smartphone for some users. But this is not the end of the technical innovations which will be introduced in the upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone. It turns out that several technology bloggers have some useful information. John Gruber has written on his blog that Apple will make the device covered the front of a whole glass without frames. There is also a blogger Ming Chi Kuo. He clams that the new smartphone will have the whole housing, not just the front, made of glass. Another novelty is to be invisible Home button in iPhone 8. Apple is going to introduce the ultrasonic finger print scanner and proximity sensor which will be placed under the screen. Thanks to these innovation, it will be possible to remove the physical home button in iPhone 8.

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