Already everyone thought that Apple forgot about the AirPower charger announced a year ago. This wireless charger, or rather a mat, is used to charge 3 devices at a time: iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods. However, no mention was made of her during the last conference. The AirPower charger can be read in the manual of the iPhone XS and in the iOS 12.1 update files.

It might seem that the design of a wireless charger is quite a simple task. In the end you can find many such chargers on the market. However, Apple does not intend to issue a regular charger. The AirPower mat must support 3 devices and at least 2 wireless charging standards. One of them is the well-known Qi standard, which is supported by new iPhones and virtually all smartphones available on the market. However, Apple Watch smartwatches use a special charging cable that is magnetically connected. It is not known yet what method will use the AirPods headphone case that will allow them to wirelessly charge. Added to this are constant overheating problems when charging 3 devices.

AirPower IPhone XS

The AirPower charger will appear, but we do not know when

The AirPower Mat is the long-awaited Apple product we’ve been dealing with so far. It was announced a year ago and so far no one has deferred the release date given then. The new Apple charger is expected to appear in stores this year, but it is not known when. Meanwhile, people who have purchased the iPhone XS can read about it in the user manual. Apple fans, on the other hand, will find references to AirPower in the Apple Watch smartwatch specifications and AirPods promotional materials. In addition, everything indicates that engineers from Cupertino are still working on improving the handling of the new charger by iPhones. The update to iOS 12.1 includes new files responsible for managing the charging process when the smartphone is connected to the AirPower charger. This means that Apple is still working on this project.

AirPods AirPower

Source: 9to5mac

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