Errors in the updates happen not from today. Mostly they are the reason for suspension of release on the market. Exactly this has happened in case of Android Nougat update for HTC 10 smartphone. Some time ago the media reported that HTC decided to suspend the update to Android Nougat for European HTC copies 10. This information gave the German branch of a Taiwanese company.

It turned out that the update for this model phone has a lot of errors.

There were just enough to not spend it productively. Unfortunately, the company did not disclose the details, so we do not know exactly what the errors mean. Users were not informed when the update will be resumed. Fortunately, bug fixing did not last long, and the company has already successfully deal with all inconveniences. The first country where the update was resumed, turned out to be the United Kingdom. Although at any moment update should be brought back to the other European countries. New version of Android Nougat for HTC 10 has a size of 1.11 GB. There is some do not know how extensive weight. Yes, as it happens in a standard update is available in the OTA format. With the release of Android Nougat on the HTC 10, will be cast as all necessary security patches and other fixes.

So far it is not known which errors have delayed Android Nougat release on HTC 10.

It’s hard to even speculate what was the reason for the withdrawal from the market of renovation and no official information on this subject is not. HTC began to update their phones to Android Nougat at the beginning of November 2016 year. It was already some time ago. Of course, HTC 10 was this model that has been selected as a precursor to update, and updates are released at different intervals. Many users are starting to wonder if Android N is hopefully certainly all right, since its release on the market pauses the update.

The truth is that Android has long been is not what was intended to be.

It destroys not only the branding, but also the system itself is already a good mare. Some time ago I conducted tests that showed that the most powerful telephone 2016 years is the iPhone 6S. It turned out that the toy from Apple is more efficient than all phones with Android. There would be nothing unusual, if not for the fact that Android, which took part in the tests were much better guts than the iPhone 6S. This shows how far Android becomes more burden than a useful system. Google may in time saw what was happening, because I have to prove that the Android share the fate of even Symbian.

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