People who use Google Maps as a car navigation, appreciate it for up-to-date information and warnings about traffic problems. However, Google Maps lacks some features known from another Google app, Waze. It will change soon. Some users in the United States are testing the option to report traffic problems.

Many people wonder why Google maintains two applications that roughly serve the same purpose. Maps and Waze are perfect for car navigation, but this second application allows users to inform other people about the road closure or police patrol. However, Google Maps is currently based only on telemetry data received from smartphone owners. If the artificial intelligence algorithms detect that on a given street, users are moving more slowly than usual, they will be informed about the temporary impediment. This is a nice mechanism, but it works with some delay. The same applies to information about planned street renovations and their removal from traffic.

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Google Maps may soon replace Waze

Currently selected users from the United States have the possibility to confirm information about closed streets and road repairs. Perhaps this function will be combined in the future with the possibility of reporting this type of problems. Initially suspected that the new version of Google Maps already contains such a feature that was made available for testing. However, it was over interpretation of the information placed. For now, users are only asked via Google Maps if the traffic information is still valid. If several users find that a given street is already passable, Google will update their maps and guide other people along the way. Maybe in the near future Google Maps will replace the Waze application, but it is not known exactly when it would happen. On the other hand, maintaining two similar projects is not such a bad idea at all. Thanks to this, engineers working for Google can test different solutions in both applications.

Source: Android Police

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