We all know that both the Facebook and Messenger applications are a mare that can discharge the phone in a few hours. Their advanced features increasingly slow down our phones, because they have to perform additional operations. Unfortunately, this causes higher CPU load, leading to the battery dry. This issue is very important because it has an impact on an unimaginable number of devices. Almost every of us have installed these two applications. Of course there are people who do not use Facebook service, but they belong to a minority.

It is true that we can complain a lot, but probably no application surpass the biggest eater of our batteries, i.e. Pokemon GO game. It is known that Pokemon GO trainers provided themselves with all sorts of charging equipment. This resulted in a significant increase in sales of power banks since July 2016. So it will be soon for users of the application from the stables of Mark Zuckerberg.

Since the last update of all versions of Messenger, including the open beta, the application consumes dramatically more energy.

There would be nothing wrong with that, if the application would use more resources only when the action in the main context. Unfortunately, the application also consumes a large part of the battery also while running in the background. Most suffer from it owners of older or less equipped devices. Strong discharging slows down the entire operating system and causes heating of the device. The problem of increased power consumption has been described in detail by Reddit users. In several cases the reinstallation of an application helped, but it was connected with the removal of all data. Fortunately, Facebook and Messenger use the cloud, so it should not be much of a problem. Worse situation would be, if someone has forgotten the password… Nevertheless, the wine for poor optimization of the application and its excessive demands on system resources is on the side of developers.

The error has been repaired and it was done in a rather interesting way. It turned out that developers do not have to release any update in order to solve the problem of excessive battery consumption. Luckily it was enough to implement the change on the server side. However, you have to restart Facebook and Messenger applications in order to benefit from the fix. Relax, this action will not remove any data. You have to just force the shutdown of both the application and re-open them. If you do not know how to do, then best solution is to simply restart the phone. After restarting, the application will certainly read the changes made on the server. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

Source: Android Central

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