Facebook Events is one of the newest functionality that Facebook launched for their users. In October the same service was released for iOS mobiles, i.e. iPhone smartphones. A lot of time passed before Facebook rolled out this application to Google’s operating system. You can already install the Events from Facebook application on your Android smartphone.

New application simply presents you all events that are organized in your area. In addition, it also shows properly aligned news and updates of the events that are interesting for you. The application uses also special search engine that allows you to find specific events according to your selected preferences.

Unfortunately, the fate of so wished, that Events from Facebook did not do a great sensation on iOS.

What can I say, Apple users do not like this new app. I am strongly interested in how it will look in case of Android platform. As it is well-known that the Android operating system is more popular than iOS, so maybe there will be fans of new application from Facebook. In my opinion we have too much additional information and services from social media. I lie Instagram and Snapchat, but I do not want to have a separate application for every functionality from these services. I would prefer to have customized Facebook application which would allow me to choose which features will be activated. Eventually a single big Facebook app and the second Lite version are also suitable. However, fans of new features would have to buy also high performance smartphones. In my opinion, the current version of Facebook app is quite heavy.

Source: Google Play

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