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Internet Speed Test

A speed test is the best way to check the speed and quality of your Internet link. Have you noticed that your files are downloading at a slower speed? Do you feel that the websites you are visiting are starting up too slowly? Check the parameters of your internet connection. With the help of our tester you can now measure:

  • lag (ping, latency) test – checks the average time to send data packets to various servers simultaneously. Most testers measure only the time it takes to send small data packets (smaller than 500 bytes), but in reality internet browsers and applications usually send and retrieve large data packets, so our tester tests the time it takes to send large packets (about 2–5 kilobytes). The lower the result of the ping the better, which enables more comfortable use of the internet. This parameter is particularly important in online games.
  • download test – checks data downloading speed, which is measured as the total amount of data downloaded within a set time (about 10 seconds) and expressed in Mb/s The many different locations are tested simultaneously, because a test to only one server does not reflect the real bandwidth speed. E-speedtest.com tries to show the results of measurements which are measurements of speeds outside edge routers. Download speed is an important parameter determining in particular the viewing quality of films in the Internet as well as the speed of file downloading.
  • upload test – checks the speed at which data are uploaded, similarly to the download test, an important parameter e.g. when sending data to a server and mail particularly with large attachments, such as photographs.

How to perform a Speed Test?

  • Start the test of your internet link speed by clicking the "power button".
  • After pressing the button you have to wait until the tester has tested all of the link’s parameters (ping, download, upload). In addition, after the test the IP address of the computer you have measured and the name of the ISP are displayed.

At the end you can share the result with friends on facebook, discussion groups or internet pages.

How should speed be measured properly?

  • first of all, make sure that no other computer or application is using the internet – disregarding this point may result in underestimation of test results
  • if your computer is connected to a wireless network (WiFi), it should be as close as possible to the source of the radio signal (e.g. stand near the router or access point) so that the signal and quality of connection are the best possible
  • a wireless network may limit throughput because of the technology; it is difficult to achieve speeds in excess of 50 Mb/s for 802.11n networks (the most popular currently), even if the ISP provides a link with a capacity of 100 Mb/s – in this case, you should always connect your computer using a network cable in order to measure the speed properly

Now you also have the capability to Speed Test a variety of commercial servers around the world. You can also post our tester on your website FREE and increase its audience as well as share your results with friends, check your test statistics and download files with your speed test results.

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